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c programming you must know

 c programming you must know? 

C is a programming language Written by Dennis Ritchie in 1972 in AT&T Bell Laboratories .

From 1972 to till Today we are leaning a c Programming. in between lots of programming languages came but popularity of c remains same. 

why c became a so popular programming language. following are some reasons behind this 
  1. Syntax of C language is similar like English language so it is easy to understand. 
  2. Before C their was number of programming language exist but syntax of that languages were difficult to understand. eg. COBOL,FORTRAN etc.
  3. C is Machine Level Language. when you want to interact with some hardware c gives platform for you.
  4. C is Very Fast and Secured Language. 
Due to Above some reasons c became a popular language lets we know about application of C programming language.

  where C programming used ?  
  1. C is a secured language most of the part of operating system contain C code. example of this is Unix,Linux,Windows 
  2. C is very fast language that's why it is used in Game programming.most of popular 3D games are developed by using C programming  .
  3.  C also play important role in our day today life the equipments which are we use such as Mobile Phones, washing machine, remote control which contains micro processor in that program is written by using c programming languge.
  4. Lots of programming languages contain their basic element as c examples are java, C++, C# etc.
So if you want to become a good programmer you must know c. as c is a basic programming language also c is a base of lots of popular programming languages it should be your first step to learn c programming.

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